If your child is entering Primary school or is currently in a lower Primary level, one of the biggest changes he/she may face is the “pen and paper” work required in Primary school. Vastly different from their earlier preschool years, formal education demands a bit more rigour in terms of homework and classwork.

Though the Ministry of Education Singapore has scrapped off all exams and weighted assessments that add on to a final grade for Primary 1 and 2 pupils, students from some schools do go through non-weighted tests and quizzes as a form of “pen and paper exposure”.
Besides helping your children associate their everyday experiences to Maths (e.g. during supermarket visits you can introduce your children to the concept of money, weight, percentage or the introduction of measurement and ratio during baking activities), when it comes to quizzes and written papers you can support your child by encouraging these exam habits:

1. Underlining & Circling
Children make careless mistakes all the time. This is a common phenomenon which we hear from the parents of our students frequently. So what can you do to help them pick up on these mistakes?
One useful tip is to get your child underline key information and circle the key point(s) of the questions. By doing so, it slows down their reading, giving them more time to process the information instead of glossing over the details.

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