Our Programmes

Our 3-pillar Belief

Our enrichment programmes are carefully planned and structured to stretch your child’s full potential.

Each and every programme have been carefully tailored to provide a special learning experience.

01. Learn by Doing

Beyond academics, our unique blend of enrichment aims to equip your children with the increasingly necessary skills.

02. Beyond the Books

We value holistic growth as much as academic excellence because it is our belief that they come hand-in-hand.

03. Uniquely Us

Our Centre offers custom-tailored and in-house programmes; giving your children the unique learning environment that cannot be found anywhere else.

Enrichment Programmes

What we offer

Public Speaking

This programme is designed to help children in exploring their voices, exercising those muscles to clearly and consciously articulate their speech diction. Children would enjoy practical vocal techniques and fun oratorical drills incorporating standard lexical sets.

Our innovative Storytelling method would be the key focus on speech development: namely voiceworks, and bodyworks with narrative-arc.

In addition, Speech & Drama activities would be introduced intermittently to build on creative expressions, coupled with team work dynamics. Poems and Nursery Rhymes – a pivotal inclusion – would also supplement the child’s appreciation for the inflections and rhythms endeared in the English Language.

Our main objective is to shed light on every individual, in style!

Financial Literacy
As parents, educating our kids with good financial habits from a young age is an important ordeal. At Melodious Cove, we stimulate our kids young with our curated financial curriculum.

The programme is conceptualised with the intent of educating children on funds management through activities and games to help them understand the fundamental value of money in Singapore. Primary financial skills and funds management will also be injected into the programme.

Activities will be conducted on a daily basis to give children first-hand experience and opportunities to practice the importance of prudence, with transactional use of our in-house currency as a realistic mode of simulation.

Social Emotional Learning

As one of the first Student Care Centre to offer SEL, this programme will equip your child with skills to manage self, relate to others positively and make responsible decisions.

Our dedicated Social Emotional Learning programme helps your child accelerate his/her individual growth to become more connected with their emotions from a formative age. 

Our centre’s daily schedule is infused with various engaging and fun-filled activities. This includes:

  1. Circle Time
  2. Interactive Play Creative Art Expression
  3. Gratitude Journal
  4. Stress Buster Activities
  5. Roleplay
  6. Story Telling
  7. Collaborative Learning

Academic Curriculum

Melodious Cove work with reputable tuition centres and educators for homework guidance and tuition to provide solid academic support. We follow the latest MOE syllabus to fully prepare and support your child’s academic pursuit.


In Partnership with:
Chapter One

We partner with Chapter One, whose pedagogy extends beyond the textbooks and takes each individual on an exciting journey. The English lessons will provide children the liberty to explore words to enable their composition of a poetic story with an artistic flow. Each class is scheduled according to themes that would inject real world occurrences, supported by excerpts from renowned novels.

With English as a linguistic bedrock for the future, our programme seeks to fortify your child’s foundational English capabilities. This includes collaborative sessions which would enable them to formulate logic reasoning and voice their opinions confidently, and stronger writing aptitude.

Importantly, the programme is helmed by an educator with close to a decade worth of experience in the field of English linguistic arts in local institutions.


In Partnership with:
Concept Math Education Centre

We partner with the very well-established Concept Math Education Centre specializing in mathematics tuition for primary school children. The centre is started by an educator who has been featured for its strong track record in local news many times.

The centre focuses on equipping students with conceptual model drawing approach for solving word problems in cementing the understanding of mathematics concepts from a young age.


In Partnership with:
Hua Cheng Education Centre (Bukit Timah)

Recognizing that Chinese language is more than a subject but an important life still for the future world, at Melodious Cove, we have partnered with the highly-acclaimed Hua Cheng Education Centre to extend a premier Chinese language curriculum for our students.

Revolving around the focus of building a concrete foundation for the Chinese language, an engaging experience with many fun-filled teaching processes is adopted. The curriculum is based on the new MOE syllabus and has a special focus on developing oracy competence in children from a young age. Weekly lessons and worksheets are mapped back to the Chinese textbooks so as to build on your children’s lessons in school as well as extend their learning in this subject.

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